The World’s Only Vaulted Cold Storage with 3rd Party Insurance, Auditing & Public Company Transparency

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BlockVault Vaulting

Vaulting & Inventory Management

BlockVault is a Qualified Custodian that provides fully insured and auditable third-party storage solutions. We offer vaulted, multi-sig cold storage across three continents as well as web-based inventory management and safe recordkeeping for financial institutions, investment funds, family offices, crypto asset dealers, lenders, miners, and exchanges.

BlockVault Decentralized

Building Trust in a Digital World

Who do you trust in a complex global financial system? Safekeeping is about decentralizing risk sharing and minimizing agent conflict. At BlockVault, we have innovative cryptography and vaults guarded with guns, but we also have nearly two decades of experience in multi-jurisdictional bailment law, insurance, recordkeeping, and controls for holding client assets.

BlockVault for Institutions

Benefits for Family Offices & Financial Institutions

Your assets are protected against loss, theft, damage or destruction. We provide inventory documentation and reporting, including vault-level audit on assets and controls, and your assets become eligible collateral for borrowing and lending. You enjoy web-based account management, client-designated permissions and controls as well as access to a third-party ecosystem and services such as loans, dealing, and prepaid cards.

BlockVault Lowering Risk

Lowering Risk & Unlocking Capital

Partnered in custody and multisignature with some of the world's most trusted vault providers, insured custody at BlockVault can enable full-collateral lending and borrowing, and unlock new capital into the crypto asset class. BlockVault offers the world’s only cold storage solution with third-party insurance, auditing, and public company oversight and transparency, while remaining free of conflicts for ecosystem partners.

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